Cover to Cover #254: Scott Sigler

Scott SiglerMichael, Summer, Michael and Brian start things off in a silly fashion because Scott Sigler is today's guest. "High Energy" is such an understatement when describing Scott...

Watch writing minds at work when the words "clan" and "bikers" are put together. Harleys and kilts have never ever been fused like this... would you buy that book? How about the movie rights to that book?

Voicemail: John in Columbia likes the new C2C vibe, and comments on the book recommendations ideas we've been talking about and how it may affect new authors, which leads to a long discussion about breakout stories by new authors, which also leads to a discussion about Hollywood adaptations of comics, graphic novels and novels.

Keep letting us know what your personal essential books are!

Interview: Scott Sigler joins us to talk about his latest endeavor, pimping the print version of Ancestor. In a drive to rise to #1 on Amazon, he's embarked on an web and podcasting push to get everyone who wants a print copy of the book to order it from Amazon starting at 9am Pacific on Sunday, April 1.

No, it's not an April Fool's joke, and he's on a mission to open some eyes and broaden some mindsets in the publishing industry by implementing this viral networking campaign, using email, postcards, and many more underground ideas, including a website encouraging feedback that contains blogs of characters in Ancestor, leading up to the timeline contained in the story.

Scott also talks about his journey with the fans of his splatter thrillers, the work involved converting his novels to podcasts and how much more production work each story requires, and about the Stranger Things video adaptation of his story, "Sacred Cow".

The Library: New entries to the Library this week are The Serpent and the Rose by Kathleen Bryan, The Frost-Haired Vixen by John Zakour, Daughter of Hounds by Caitlin R. Kiernan, the new trade paperback release of The Plot to Save Socrates by Paul Levinson, that includes book group discussion questions, the new trade release of Memory and Dream by Charles de Lint, The Hold Infinity by John Meaney, The Elysium Commission by L. E. Modesitt, and Evo's copy of Farstep Station / Home is the Hunter by Lisette Gifford and James K. Burke, and Shadowplay by Tad Williams.

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  1. As always, when it comes to books (or podiobooks), DragonPage is THE PLACE for the best interviews. Thanks guys!

  2. I tried...I really tried to listen to Ancestor but I couldn't get past Sigler's voice. He does not have a good reading voice. I think if he were to find a good reader, I could enjoy his books. Perhaps someday I'll give his books a shot in print.

  3. Lou Sytsma(Sit sma) says

    Enjoyed Earthcore but couldn't get into Ancestor. Admire your hutzpah(sp?) Scott.

  4. Hello,

    I have a question about an item that was briefly mentioned in a recent podcast. Mr. Stackpole mentioned that at some point in the 1980s(?) the size of novels increased and left some authors by the wayside. I would like to know what in the publishing industry caused this. I enjoyed the shorter format (Zelazny, Niven, Asimov). When I started to work on my own novel, the minimum word count for a novel seemed extreme. I have also seen more recent novels that really seem (to a former newspaper reporter) wordy and have subplots just for the sake of increasing the word count. And novels that I have read, not knowing they were part of trilogy, really carried this to an extreme.


    W. Lee Schexnaider
    League City (near Houston), Texas

  5. LOVED Ancestor! We listen to podcast novels when we drive long distances; this is one that got us home from Washington state! Great fun! thanks, Scott!