Cover to Cover #141: Gwyneth Jones / Vijaya Schartz

Life by Gwyneth JonesGwyneth Jones
A fictional account of a scientist would truly be science fiction, right? That's what you'll find in Gwyneth's newest book, Life. It's like traditional science fiction, but in its street clothes, if you will. Medical thrillers are quite popular, and we're interested to see how this new real-world science fiction will do. And if you can wait a bit, Bold as Love, a modern-day fantasy tale, will be released next summer.

Vijaya Schartz
Vijaya is the president of the Arizona Authors Association and joins us to talk about her newest book, White Tiger. It's a fantasy-romance tale which takes place after a science fiction tale ends with a crash landing on an alien planet. Start over kids. Oh, and deal with these aliens. Have fun!

Dragon Bites - Science Fiction news

  • Matrix DVD set out. Rumored to have re-mastered Qui Ah Gnu out of the movie to improve it.
  • Tim Allen stretches his skills to play The Shaggy Dog
  • Atari shipping "Godzilla Saves the Earth"
  • Ironman rumored to release in 2006. No word on Ozzy's soundtrack
  • That much closer to flying cars
  • More crappy movies coming...
  • Speaking of that, Shark Boy and Lava Girl
  • This week is a gamers paradise

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