Cover to Cover #413A: Larry Doyle

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Anna points out that the criticisms of the iPad are just as valid as the praises, and Mike M explains that he has yet to hear a convincing argument against the device that goes beyond a dislike of Apple's closed platform.

Mike and Mike also expand on how they think the iPad is not meant to be a replacement device for all other devices, and how it does have a place as functional tool... and when the new Google Tablet comes out, you'll hear them gushing over another shiny toy.

Listener Review: Web Genii brings us a review of Chalice by Robin McKinley.

Interview: Larry Doyle joins us this week to discuss his latest project, Go Mutants!, a satirical comedy that examines a world where the aliens from 1950s "B" movies actually arrived on Earth, and they and their families have been integrated into human society.

Larry talks about his writing career, going from magazines to animated television to screenplays, and how the process of writing novels differs from writing for television or film. He also talks about the work goes into writing the many revisions screenplays go through, the tendencies of screenwriters to only make one big sale every few years, and more about the Hollywood process.

Visit the Go Mutants! website for more details about the project and upcoming news on his book tour.

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  1. What a great episode! Larry's interview was really fascinating. And I found Web Genii's review interesting, too; I'd never looked at the difference between scifi and fantasy morality tales that way before. Thanks!

  2. One thing paper books still have over ebooks is the formatting. Just compare Larry's Go Mutants! on paper and in ebook. The paper book has all kinds of graphics and textual effects. In the ebook, you're lucky to get italics.

  3. Okay this really has nothing to do whit this podcast. Well i'll just say his interview was so suprising. I'd say writing a screenplay could improve some aspects of writing. At least when you went back you wouldn't be moaning about writing 4 or 5 drafts:P
    Okay i don't know the email to send this to and i don't want to voicemail so i'll just post it here.
    Have ye ever mentioned in an episode how it's easier to break the copyright with ebooks? I actually know a website (wich i'm not going to mention) where you can download ebooks for free. It's really obviously against the copyrights. Since none of these books are public domain. Hell, there's books only a year old, and some one or two months old.
    Well long story short it's alot easier to reproduce an ebook than manuly scanning a book then converting it up, and then putting it one website.

  4. Web Genie reviews just rock! Always makes it interesting and makes you want to run out and get the book. I been trying to do my reviews, when I write them up; like her. By adding as much information as I can.

    Way to go!


  5. @tymcon- You're correct, it's easier to violate copyrights with an ebook, but in the digital/internet age, it only takes one person whose willing to take the time to scan a popular print book, and soon that book will be all over the internet. For example, JK Rowling's books aren't out on ebook yet, but you can find them in ebook format all over the place. The reality is, an author can either make money off of ebook sales, and have their work e-pirated, or make no money from ebook sales, and probably still have their work e-pirated.

  6. That should have read "...who's willing..."

  7. Webgenii says

    Thanks guys

  8. WebGenii says

    check out
    too funny! Say Mike and Mike - what kind of pants are you wearing? Snigger.

  9. Ok, comment necromancy here, but I just found you and am listening to some of the back catalog.

    I was glad to find this podcast. I really enjoyed Stackpole's work in the 90's (except the Battletech and Star Wars stuff - read one each but novels in those universes seem to not be my cup of tea) but lost track of him for a decade except for the intriguing Secret Atlas I found in a bookstore in Mexico. I was also a big fan of his anti-anti-RP opposition. I might still have an old cassette tape of him reaming out a badly-informed conservative anti-RP activist on talk radio. Hearing him paired with another intelligent writer and talking with Larry Niven was great.

    I ran back to see what else you had and came across this episode with Larry Doyle. I loved the idea of his odd genre convention and loaded it on down. I gotta say the first ten minutes of self-serving "response" to Anna's fairly sharp criticism (response which boiled down to "I'm still not convinced. Squee!") was almost enough to put me off the show. It didn't help that Anna's opinion is not that far from my own.

    Fortunately, I was setting up new assignments in my gradebook and walking over to the laptop from the school computer to turn it off would have taken just a little more time and concentration than I had handy. Larry Doyle was very interesting, especially the bits about how you take all the internal directions out of a screenplay for actors and the like.

    Is there a show where you invited someone on to have an open and balanced discussion, or was that about it for Ipads? I actually don't desperately want to listen to it, but am hoping that it was settled so new episodes won't have similar content gumming up the first half. If you have a similar controversy in the future, I'd hope that you could invite Anna or whomever to a realtime (although prerecorded) discussion of issues instead of lukewarm voicemail discussion.