Cover to Cover #145: Mitchell Graham / David Anthony

Mitchell Graham
Mitchell returns to the show to wrap up his trilogy of books with The Ancient Legacy. Dealing with a civilization which was technologically advanced at one time, his books pickup in a post-apocalyptic future when the society has rebuilt itself. But this book is more fantasy than science fiction, with a working magic system and fencing. And did we mention a movie will be forthcoming?

David Anthony
If you ever wondered what happened in Oz once Dorothy left, you're not alone. And you don't have to wonder any longer, as that's what you'll find in David's book In Search of Dorothy. 20 years later, the Scarecrow invents a tornado machine to find Dorothy to help defeat the spirit of the wicked witch, who wasn't quite as dead as we thought!

Dragon Bites - The latest science fiction news

  • DaVinici Code movie?
  • SW Epi III is supposed to be very dark. No kidding...
  • Submariner movie gets a green light
  • Xanth books coming to the big screen. Lots of material available.
  • Wachowskis ripped off The Matrix?
  • World of Warcraft is popular with the kids
  • Grand Theft Auto has redeeming values
  • Aflac duck makes in in Lemony Snicket
  • Son of Mask sure to tank

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