Cover to Cover #150: Dr. Fred Alan Wolf

The Yoga of Time Travel

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Who would have thought you could combine Yoga and time travel together? Sure sounds like science fiction... but maybe it's not? If you saw What the %$@ Do We Know in the theaters, you know how strange things get when you look at the quantum level. Dr Fred Alan Wolf's new book is The Yoga of Time Travel, and explores the notion of how the mind influences our own reality... and even time.

The face of radio as we know it is changing. Satellite radio has taken Howard Stern, terrestrial talk radio is becoming ultra polarized along political lines. Enter on the scene podcasting, the ability to "take it with you" and listen whenever you want. We're using podcasting to offer "extra features" of The Dragon Page.

Dragon Bites - Science fiction news

  • Spacey as Luther
  • Oldman to play Gordon
  • Buckaroo Banzai books on the way
  • Jackson will produce an "ultimate" LotR collection
  • Hot Drag on Dragoon action
  • Brits short on midgets, but all PC about it

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Speaking of the changes in radio, Mike wants to bitch about it some more.