Cover to Cover #43: Peter Coyote

sleeping where i fallInterview with Peter Coyote
Peter Coyote, star of film and stage, also just happens to be an author as well! His book, sleeping where I fall (case intentional), is a personal memoir of his life and times spent with an amazing radical street group called The Diggers. Peter takes some time to explain the basic premise to the book to us, which has enticed both of us to rush out and get a copy!

Peter and Evo discuss several important aspects of social change and have collectively recommended the following links to our audience:

  • Measure your Eco-Footprint
  • Author Terry Bisson
  • Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn

    The News
    Music Bed - Theater of Ice, the song is called 'A Cool Dark Place to Die'

    • Speculations on wrapping up Lord of the Rings
    • Some non-spoiler comments about The Twin Towers
    • Harrison Ford signed for next Indiana Jones movie
    • Evo less than impressed by previews for new Terminator movie
    • Mel Gibson signed for "Fury Road - Mad Max 4"
    • The Science of Harry Potter - Buy the Book!
    • Buffy could be back... if she'll take $750K per episode?
    • X2 to "kick as in May 2003"
    • ST:TNG:Nemesis gets rave reviews!


  1. joeythemighty says

    Evo, bringing out the super smart uber-gorilla books. I read Ishmael in college, and always wanted to bend the author's ear. I guess his website is the next best thing. Thanx.