Cover to Cover #173: Neal Asher / Jaime Lynn Blaschke

CowlShow Notes
Cowl by Neal Asher.
Voices of Vision by Jayme Lynn Blaschke.

First up this week is Neal Asher talking about his book, Cowl. Great conversation about time travel and the future.

After that, Jayme Lynn Blaschke gives us a look at Voices of Vision, a book filled with interviews from some very big names in Scifi/Fantasy.

You all know that our library is full of books. We are filling up again, and just have to tell you about them.

This week we revive the dragon and Evo tosses Sir Richard Branson's PR people to the hungry beast.


  1. podakayne says

    hi guys just a shout out and thank you for havin this podcast...this show made me hungry..did you really have to share your gastral yearnings...LOL! and thanks for reading my post, nearly fell outta my chair hearing it!...another note your book podcast are all fantastic, i have enjoyed all three to no end, along w/my kid (P&P)...and earthcore is so frelling juicey!!!...scott is a hoot. bought both books anyway, cuz i like to read too...keep rockin' the podcast!

  2. Dudes! That promo featuring Gollum almost had me snorting liquid on my monitor!

    That's a thing of beauty...

  3. Was very interested to hear the interview with Neil Asher, especially since it was me who originally published Cowl, way back in 1997 I think. It was interesting to read it and hear the interview about how much the story has grown. For a start it didn't contain any of the timetravel elements or the Tor beats. But its been so long since I last read it, i'll have to dig up the original publication. Plus I think i still have some copies for sale if any of the listeners wish to get a copy.

  4. Huh? This guy is talking out of his backside. No one published Cowl before Macmillan. It was a time travel novella before being expanded into a novel, but was never published like that. Nor did it ever NOT contain time-travel or torbeasts.