Cover to Cover #222: EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Roundtable

Forbidden CargoEclipse by K.A. BedfordCourtesan Prince by Lynda Williams

This week the guys talk to a roundtable of Edge Publishing authors, K.A. Bedford and his Hydrogen Steel and Eclipse, Rebecca Rowe with Forbidden Cargo, and Lynda Williams with Righteous Anger and Courtesan Prince.

All of them incorporate the use of nanotechnology and human genetic modification, and in addition to talking about their use in the stories, they talk a little about possible implications on the real world. We also take comments from live listeners, both in studio and online.

All of these authors will be attending Worldcon, and their new books are all due out around that time, so stop by!

Also, Steve Eley and Mur Lafferty are putting together a new horror short story podcast magazine

Link: EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy


  1. Whew! thought you guys didnt do one cause of the pool party. Oh Evo I picked up "His Majesty's Dragon", its pretty damn cool.

    Listening to the cast now.

  2. Am glad Joe liked 'His Dark Materials.' I liked the books as well too. Not sure if the US editions have them... but the UK edition of 'The Amber Spyglass' has quotes from famous literary authors at the beginning of each chapter.

  3. Yeah, we thought it would be best to get Cover to Cover done before the drinking began.

    Did everyone like the live call in format? It took a bit of time to prep, but I thought it turned out great. I would like to do more of these in the future if we can set it up.

  4. Hi there Guyz.
    Just wanted to pop in and tell ya that I just love your shows.Been listening to you guyz 5 months now and love every minute of it.

    Been spreading the word about you guyz to my friends here in Norway and more and more Norwegians are tuning in to hear you spread the good words form Sci-fi to Fantasy.
    So keep up the good work.
    Love Thomas

  5. I've just reached the point in the conversation where Mr. Stackpole was talking about the immortality question. It was a little eerie to hear him speaking my thoughts almost exactly!
    I want more time to read, to see, to travel and, most important, to learn! Long range deep space exploration and colonization would become feasible very quickly.
    Our whole concept of how we fill our time would change if we didn?t have to worry about running out of it, the way we do now.

  6. Following up on the immortality topic go take a look at this write up: