Cover to Cover #235: Tim Lebbon

DawnThis week, Michael and Summer talk with dark fantasty/horror author Tim Lebbon about his new fantasy duology, Dusk and Dawn, exploring a world that had lost it's magic through the changes imminent as magic returns and faction struggle to control the new magic.

Wonder of wonders, "Cover to Cover" actually received a voicemail message!

Scott from Tucson chimes in on the show format experimentation for "Cover to Cover", and yes, we're still playing around with future C2C structures.

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  1. Hey guys, I don't have the cast handy so I was looking for the link to the site that emails you public domain lit. Can you post it? Thanks!

  2. Hey... I really enjoy your shows, but I have had problems downloading the latest shows these past few weeks. I download them directly from the iTunes music store, and it has said recently that the Dragon Page 'is not a valid podcast url'. Any suggestions? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  3. Are you subscribed, and did you recently upgrade to iTunes 7.0?

    Apparently there have been some feed issues with v7.0, and one of the best ways to fix it is to unsubscribe from the feeds that aren't working, and resubscribe to them.

    If you are downloading from links at the music store, I'm confused, since those feeds should be working. Do direct downloads work for you?

    Thanks for listening!

  4. Hm... send me an email about what's going on for you. I just went to the iTunes Store for "Cover to Cover" and clicked on Show #236 in the list, and it started playing.

  5. Really enjoyed your interview with Tim. I've only read his short work so far - WHITE is fantastic. Will definitely look out these two novels now. I like it that you cross over into fantasy and horror, too, so work that straddles these boundaries is always interesting to me. I can't at the moment think of other authors that are genre-benders, but would be great to hear interviews with some of them who break out of the structures of just SF, just horror, and the like.

  6. The website for daily or periodic great books is