Cover to Cover #348A: Matthew Stover

Discussion: Jonathan wants to know how much J. F. Lewis really didn't know what his church's definition of "objectionable material" was, based on the church's written guidelines. Remember, they did know that he was writing the book, and threatening his family in retaliation is the bigger problem, not their distaste with the published material.

Boiled down: there is no one right way for any conceivable thing under the sun.

Interview: Matthew Stover joins us this week to talk about his two newest books, Star Wars: Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor and Caine Black Knife.

Matt gives us a little back story on The Acts of Caine series with a little overview of the world in Heroes Die (which is now eligible for a little Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas treatment), in which the main character is a bad guy in the truest entertainment sense of the word. The sequel to Caine Black Knife is currently in the works! Keep your eye out for His Father's Fist...

Matt also tells us about his approach to writing Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, and wanting to bring the light-hearted flavor of the early books in the series back to the books coming about today.

Check out Michael Hickerson's review of Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor!

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Promo: The Mirrored Heavens by David J. Williams

check out the interview with David J. Williams at Adventures in SciFi Publishing


  1. 348a is not showing up in Itunes. Just thought I would let you know.. I love this show and can't wait for each episode.

  2. Thanks.. It's working now

  3. There was a FeedBurner issue earlier today, but it should have cleared up by early afternoon. According to their posts, it lasted about an hour or so, meaning probably another hour for updated feeds to catch up all over the place.

    This makes me sad, if FeedBurner is going to be relegated to the "fail" category. It is good for seamlessly updating iTunes feeds, but I did have such a bad experience with the FB feed for Babylon Podcast that I stopped using it two years ago.

    But it does make having two different shows from a relative breeze.

  4. GREAT episode today. I just want to start out by saying that I agree with everything you guys have been talking about regarding the Lewis fiasco; I know people usually only comment when they're angry or when they disagree, so I just wanted to give my vote of agreement.

    Secondly, this episode really got me excited about some books. I'd heard y'all talk about Mirrored Heavens before, but kudos to whoever wrote that promo; I really want to buy it now, and I usually can't stand cyberpunk.

    Also, I had no interest whatsoever in reading "Shadows of Mindor" before Stover came on to talk about it, now I think I've definitely got to check it out. Ditto with the Caine books; I love lovable villains.

  5. I enjoyed the interview with Matthew Stover. He mentioned Shatterpoint was probably the darkest of the Star Wars books, which it probably was, but they have announced a Star Wars horror novel, Death Troopers, by Joe Schreiber. The cover art looks very interesting.

  6. Jhonny from Uppsala/Satai says

    Good episode as usual.
    I was a tad shocked at hearing you first voicemail though. Church dicipline? You still have such things over there? Sounds quite mediveal to me. I have heard of such things here in Sweden to, but only in marginalized sects of religious fundamentalists. Not trying to insult anybody here, just voiceing my surprise.

  7. Oh man, Heroes Die, Blade of Tychalle, Jericho Moon, Iron Dawn etc. are still among my ever growing Backlog of books to read....I'll get back to you in about 35 years 😉

    Love the show,

  8. @ Jhonny --

    There is a code of discipline incorporated into many mainline Christian denominations, and independent churches do often follow rules that they establish at the church's founding. However, they're only typically used in very extreme instances. I can think of only twice in the time I've attended my church where disciplinary measures were taken, and it was very, very extreme. Most of the time, if there's a problem between people in the church, it's handled really discreetly.