Cover to Cover #430A: Nancy Kilpatrick

Evolve: Vampire StoriesThe Mikes talk about Starbuck's new wifi network, and the new apps and free offerings that will be available while you're sitting in the various shops with your various wireless devices. They also discuss some of the changes in wifi availability, multimedia access, and more that this might encourage.

Link: Designed to Connect, Inform and Entertain, the Starbucks Digital Network, in partnership with Yahoo!, Debuts at Starbucks

Interview: Mike and Mike talk with Nancy Kilpatrick, editor of the recent Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead anthology from EDGE SF.

Nancy talks about her long-running fascination with vampires, how they may evolve in future tales, and how the stories and this anthology came about. She also goes into the need for vampire material to evolve again, and finally move beyond the sexy, romantic "bad boy" and/or the young adult love interest and back to the dark, preternatural predator, the societal outcast whose world works very differently from our own.

Nancy thinks that the cycle from dark and violent vampires through to sexy bad boys is bound to shift back again, and soon. She also mentions some of her own short stories in upcoming anthologies, and another horror anthology that takes an even darker bent on vampires in the future.

Link: Nancy Kilpatrick -- Horror Writer
Facebook: Nancy Kilpatrick

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  1. At Starbucks (all wifi hotspots), you can steal someone's cookies with firesheep, and login as them in facebook, twitter, yahoo mail, hotmail, etc. They'd better enable secure wpa soon.