Cover to Cover #236: Writers of the Future 2006

Writers of the Future Vol 22Writers of the Future, Vol 22, edited by Algis Budrys

The 22nd Annual Writers of the Future Awards Ceremony was held on Aug 18, 2006 at the Balboa Park Air & Space Museum in San Diego, and Michael and Summer talk with the quarterly winners and the Grand Prize winner of the 2006 Writers of the Future contest:

Diana Rowland, "Schroedinger's Hummingbird" (3Q winner)
Michail Velichansky, "Games on the Children's Ward" (1Q winner)
Blake Hutchins, "The Sword From the Sea" (2Q winner)
Brandon Sigrist, " Life on the Voodoo Driving Range" (Grand Prize winner)

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  1. Hey guys and ladies, I haven't visited the DP page in a while, and I just wanted to say the new WP Theme is fantastic, clean and slick. Excellent job.

    I still wish you'd contact Nick Sagan and get him on as a guest. :-/

  2. Nice look to the new Dragon Page.

  3. You did the same damn thing you did last time!

    Another great set of interviews from writers who are getting their feet in the door.

  4. Mike, Evo, Summer...guys, I stumbled across your podcasts by accident a couple of months back. I started by listening to a few of your Hugo series interviews, and was immediately hooked. Imagine my disappointment when iTunes refused to give me your previously archived shows. I then discovered the Odeo site where it's much easier to download your shows (though I keep meaning to get a podcast client soon, someday...). I simply had to write in to say this: You guys are really the best. I truly enjoy listening to your shows, and am seriously addicted. I'm caffeine-challenged like you are, and your show is as necessary as hot chai to me every morning. I actually write to the show now, and am acknowledging this fact in my new novel. (I won't mention it here because I don't want this to seem like a plug!) I've also highlighted C2C on my website as my favourite podcast and am starting to spread the word on all the sites I write for as well as informing my own readers. Please, pretty please, keep C2C going forever, even if you must interview Bob Sawyer another 25 times (just kidding, I enjoy listening to Sawyer almost as much as reading his books) and keep feeding us dragon-kin out here in the big bad online world. You guys rock the podnet big-time!

  5. LOVE the new look! I'm considering entering the L. Ron Hubbard contest. I've never been much for short stories but I might just start.