Cover to Cover #238: Scott Lynch

The Lies of Locke LamoraMichael, Evo and Summer talk with Scott Lynch about his debut novel, The Lies of Locke Lamora. "Lies" is the first in a seven book epic, The Gentleman Bastards sequence, and the story of how the book came to be published is just as interesting as the story itself.

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  1. um
    is the site working right?
    I was trying to find some archived shows to put on cd for some rellies to try to encourage new subscriptions. but the 'show archive' only takes me to the current show - which is the one still in my harddrive as I havent listened to it.

    Or am I missing the clues as to how to get to older shows?

    Thank you

  2. If you click on "Cover to Cover > Show Archive", you should be taken to a list of all the C2C shows.

    You can click on "Cover to Cover", the category in the show post, and get a listing of the most recent 10 shows as well.

    If the show archive link isn't working for you, let me know.

  3. Another great show. It's good to hear stories like his because it proves there is no escaping the bell curve. Seven books in seven years, wow, that's the kinda pressure that will make you or break you. Hope they don't play musical editors on him.

  4. Great to have another Cover to Cover. I look forward to every morsel of C2C we get. Thanks guys.

  5. Yet another extremely entertaining show. Scott Lynch has a sensible attitude towards Hollywood. Take the money and run, I say. And like he says, an option doesn't necessarily mean a film. Case in point: Richard Morgan, another fast success. Whatever happened to the film of Altered Carbon? I think he got a six figure advance for the option, but no sign of anything on celluloid (or digitoid, or whatever they call it now). And, yes, I do want to kill Scott Lynch, because I am insanely jealous of such quick success. But then again he seems such a chariming, down to earth guy I couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe I'll just puncture his car tyres instead.