Cover to Cover #260: Jim Butcher

Dresden Files
Codex Alera

Michael, Summer, Brian, Michael S, and Tim are excited about Jim coming by. We really need a "no caffeine" rule for the boys on days when we have in-studio guests.

Voicemail: Indiana Jim comments on the books that changed his life, and Summer and Tim run with the lack of being impressed by "Lord of the Rings" in print, and everyone teases Stackpole a bit; Indiana Jim has a Star Wars technical question for Stackpole, which leads to us talking about retrofitting corrections into the Star Wars Universe.

Listener Feedback: What books changed your life, and what books are your A+ books? Keep letting us know what your personal essential books are!

Interview: Michael, Summer, Brian, and Evo are joined in studio with Jim Butcher, the New York Times best-selling author of the hot Dresden Files series, and the Codex Alera series. The newest Dresden files book is "White Night", and the newest Codex Alera book is "Cursor's Fury".

Jim tells us all about what inspired him to create the Dresden Files series, and we have Laurell K. Hamilton, Cast A Deadly Spell, and the first season of "Buffy" to thank for these. We also talk about the television series adaptation aired on SciFi Channel, and the impressions made by rushing the show into and through production, and Jim talks about his hopes for a season 2, including his desire to write a script for an episode, working with Robert Hewitt Wolfe, and getting on-screen in the background of an episode.

We also hear a few more details about his 20-case plan for the Dresden Files novels, the possibility of collaborations on future stories and the possibility of opening the Dresden Files universe up to other writers, so maybe we've created a larger monster.

Evo applauds Jim's universe in the Codex Alera series, since it's one of those rare fantasy series that has impressed Evo and that he continues to read, and Jim tells how that universe came into being (with a literary argument on the internet, of course). It's all about combining the Lost Roman Legion and Pokemon. Run with it.

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Link: Jim Butcher Official Website


  1. Is it Rob Ibliss or Rob Inglis? who is the recommended reader of The Hobbit and LOTR?

  2. Roddy Reta says

    Didn't know it was possible for Evo Terra to be that quiet.

  3. And people say pokemon never did anything useful...

    weird background on the furies setting, i would have never guessed. I actually like it more then the dresden series, but i think i like setting fantasy more then anything else.

    though im curious to see what he does in 'proper' sci-fi settings...

  4. Man I loved that! Hearing Jim's behind-the-scene facts about how stuff got developed is right up my alley! I've seen those water-lions 1200 times and always thought they looked amazing. Now I know just how amazing they really are!

    I'm happy with this generation of writers (and by that I mean people born in my era, hello, 30's and 40-somethings) not being all lofty and pretentious, but the kind of guys I'd expect to hang out with and would feel at home doing so! (Oh wait, that would mean that *I* can't be lofty and pretentious anymore!)

    What I wonder, and I guess I'll have to go to his blog to find out, is if Jim plays 3.5 D&D or 2nd Edition? Because I was crushed when I discovered (was it from you guys?) that RA Salvatore was an old head 2nd Ed guy. Gone were my chances for a drive-by weekender. 🙂

    Keep up the great stuff guys! There's no one you can't interview!

  5. 2nd edition is stat characters...i dont know how people can claim its better then the newer version.

    There is a good reason 3rd/3.5 has quadrupled the numbers of dnd players and its the excellent design of the system.

    (and people thought politics was a contentious subject!)

  6. After listening to this, I went and borrowed the Codex Alera books from my library- which of course, needed to be requested and came in reverse order....
    I absolutely loved them and will be purchasing to add to my collection, which I have not done for a long time. The man has become one of my "need to own" authors.

    Book 2 reminded me of Zerg.

  7. Thank you, thank you! Best interview yet! I wish all the authors you guys get to have on the show are like him! Engaging, funny, and loves chatting about Sci0fi and behind the scenes to his novels! I loved it!

    I agree with Nicole, Butcher is a 'need to own' authors.