Cover to Cover #276A: Tom Piccirilli

Midnight RoadWelcome to more "Cover to Cover" for your week!

We are not breaking off a separate voicemail show... this double shot is something a little bit different. Show A will continue to be about writing, publishing, and interviews with authors, while Show B will focus on listener feedback, but also contain book reviews and commentary, and some other informative segments.

Discussion: Michael M reminisces about the beginnings of The Dragon Page, since we're approaching 6 years of his doing this show. The gang also tackles a voicemail from John in Edinborough on whether or not world-building is really necessary (since M. John Harrison threw out the opinion on his blog that it was unnecessary in science fiction). For the most part, we disagree, but that's what keeps things fun and interesting.

Interview: Michael, Summer and Michael talk with acclaimed and award-winning horror/suspense author Tom Piccirilli about his latest book, The Midnight Road, and he tells us about his awards and near-miss awards, what goes into writing scary stories, moving from writing straight horror stories into crime and suspense stories, and more.

There's also a trailer for Midnight Road...

The Library: We've hit the lull of incoming books, so there's nothing new for The Library this time around. However, we return with a followup on the POD discussion from a few episodes ago, based on a voicemail comment from Scott in Flagstaff and his positive experience with

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!

Can you do a 3-minute audio book review? Here's what we're looking for:

  • Book title, author, publisher, cost
  • Must have been published within the past calendar year
  • Why did you like the book?
  • What about the book will you remember a year from now?
  • Why do you want to recommend this book to other potential readers?

Link: Tom Piccirilli
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  1. Lou_Sytsma(sit sma) says

    Excellent show guys. The Pic Man rocks!