Cover to Cover #279A: Tobias Buckell

RagamuffinStory Craft Discussion: Ian wants to know how important made-up names are in the grand scheme of creating places in your worlds, and in naming your characters. We discuss.

[ And don't jump on the voicemail line and yell at Summer that the B5 character was named Sebastian... there's always been a question as to whether that's his real name or not... ]

Interview: Michael, Summer and Michael talk with Tobias Buckell about Ragamuffin, a sequel to Crystal Rain... sort of. It's set in the same lush Caribbean flavored world he's created, but not a direct follow-up of the original story. We get a history of Earth's Caribbean history and political development, and we get a taste of the beginning of the third book in the series (still in progress).

Dragon Page Challenge: We now have a collaborative world-building effort, a web-based writing exercise! Check out The Tick-Tock Hobbit project.

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  1. On names, I think it's important for the main character(s) or location where most of the action takes that the name is easily pronounceable. Especially in fantasy where names sometimes looks like a bunch or random letters thrown together.