Cover to Cover #286B: Jane Espenson

Serenity FoundMichael and Michael chat about Trucker Cylon's question about what to write, and who to write for. You just need to start with loving what you're writing.

Voicemail: Chris from Metamorcity on shared universe storytelling; Mike Wills has a tip for Harry Potter readers who haven't yet read the final book; Robert from New Hampshire thinks Mur's "Heaven" trilogy is fresh and hasn't been done before; Mike Wills asks a question about pseudonyms.

Interview: Jane Espenson joins us to talk about the newest Firefly/Serenity collection, Serenity Found from BenBella Books. She tells us about editing a collection about a universe she's so fond of and familiar with, and a lot about television writing, and a bit about the WGA strike.

Check out our "Slice of SciFi" interview with Jane, and don't miss your chance to win an autographed copy of "Serenity Found" as well!

Dragon Page Challenge: We now have a collaborative world-building effort, a web-based writing exercise! Check out The Tick-Tock Hobbit project.

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  1. Hey guys! Thanks for playing that voicemail, as well as for the link-back. I'd forgotten that I left that message. 😀 I was very jazzed to see the interview with Jane Espenson, too -- I always appreciate those who are working to keep the love of the 'Verse alive and well. Stay shiny!