Cover to Cover #315A: Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita BlakeInterview: Michael, Summer, Michael and Lorrie welcome Laurell K. Hamilton to the studio to talk about, Blood Noir, the 16th book in the best-selling Anita Blake series, and her 27th book overall.

This episode is all interview, and covers almost everything, so sit back, listen, and enjoy!

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  1. Si Perry says

    Oh no! The gremlins have struck - podcast ends after 15 minutes with the words ' Mom'

    I know football (as we call it on this side of the Atlantic) is not that big a sport in the US, but cutting Laurell of in full flow was a bit harsh!

  2. Your copy may have been downloaded while we were switching over to a new server, with more bandwidth to handle more downloads.

    Try deleting that episode, and redownloading it.

  3. I have loved Laurell Hamilton's work for a few years now and have never been able to make it to any of her signings. It was great to hear her talk about her work and her life. I love Anita's series because it shows the conflicts of life I think we all have. Some of her more recent work has seemed a bit rushed and repetitive but I still love and devourer every bit of it.

  4. Great to hear Hamilton's writing discipline. Also, brilliant advice from Bradbury, pick a room, when it is covered in rejection letters you will have sold.

  5. Sunny Waymire says

    Truly enjoyed hearing her in actuality. I have enjoyed her work for approx. 5 yrs. Her characters are so much more than just about the sexual content; in reality women need to learn how to be strong and using her own personality as a guide is a wonderful way to help bring the rest of the ladies along. I will say there are some contemporary church leaders who actually apologized for the church not taking responsibility to teach female and male partners in regards to their strengths about sex. Her statements were right on for telling everyone that whatever makes the person happy in their relationships that are moving towards a positive level for both involved. I, of course use her skills of writing as guide lines to my own endeavors of writing. I've been writing since very early teenage years. She is a wonderful and refreshing author and a tremendous lady.

  6. Thank you so much for this podcast! It was a wonderful experience! I love hearing her talk about her work and even just how she got started (always good to get hints and tips for writing)
    I have been a fan for over a decade now. I was given bloody bones by a good friend of mine and couldn't stop reading her stuff. I've read up to the Harlequin, A Lick of Frost, her short stories in Bite and Strange Candy, and Death of a Darklord. I love her Anita Series, but I have to be honest, I LOVE her Merry series. I just wish those books would be longer I eat them up in a day if I'm not careful and then I'm left drooling for the next.
    Reading Anita has helped me become stronger in some ways, but all in all I've just enjoyed being drawn into the books, no other author has ever really been able to pull me in quite so fully!

  7. Laurell's work is truly amazing. It is sexually and emotionally free as well as tremendously well written. I think they should make little cheap rubbery bracelets with WWAD (What Would Anita Do). Her strength and intelligence is truly admirable.

  8. This is actually the first podcast I've been able to listen to without the interuption that comes with bad net connection. I've loved Laurell's books ever since I read the Star Trek novel she referred to. I can not get enough of her writing! Anita is a wonderfully contradictive character. I must say that I also love the comics. They're fantastic!

  9. She doesnt sound like I expected her to, but it is awesome to put a voice to the face, to the wonderful writings of Mrs. Hamilton. I enjoy Anita for my dark side, that part that needs to live in that world, and Merrie is great as well. Write on!

  10. Thank you so much for doing this podcast! I love hearing from Laurell, she is an amazing writer and always so great to all her fans. I am completely obsessed with her books and can't wait for Swallowing Darkness and Anita #17!

  11. If you have Laurell on the show again, perhaps next time you could ask her why she chose to take such a radical change of direction in her writing of the Anita Blake series. From Incubus Dreams on the writing style changes a heck of a lot. I'm sorry to say I'm one of many fans (see reviews) who are really disappointed in the switch from an emphasis on plot and character development to an emphasis on sex.

  12. I totally love all of laurells books. My animals are named after her characters, i actually like my boyfriends name better because of her books. She brought the name Edward which to me was sort of snobish or dorky into a new light. It fits him now lol. She is also my insperation in getting my work published. All i have to say is Laurell keep on righting and look forward to seeing you again.

  13. Also to Lisa's comments about the bracelets i would totally wear them LoL good idea

  14. Michael Mennega says

    That was sort of the question that I was asking her regarding the complaints that she is receiving from all the sex in her books. She does say that people are most upset about Anita Blake.
    Listen again, and I think you'll hear her cover some of that issue.

  15. I was wondering if you could ask her (the next time she appears on your show) why she has so many things going on in such a short span in her merry gentry series and later in anita blake. Most books of hers the time frames are only a couple of days. Often, I have to go back and reread some chapters because there are so many layers to her story in such a small time span. It's hard to get them striaght sometimes.
    For example in Blood Noir
    1. dealing with justins family
    2. the connection and problems with Mistaken idenitiy
    3. the reletionship between justin and anita
    4. the concern and attack of the mother of all vampires and anita were-animals inside her
    5. then the attack of the master vampire of that town.
    6. then the changes or additions of the gifts or ablilites that procede from encounters of other creatures and people.

    But, on the flip side of it, When i go back and read her books again i learn something new and enjoy them even more has i understand more of the worlds of both ladies. I pictured it as a cake that has so many layers and everyone tastes different but all together they are a world of flavors that fit perfectly together in my mouth. Not to mention that they are they hottest books that i have ever read!!! I lover her writing but somtimes it overwhelming.

  16. I've been reading Laurell K Hamilton for years.She lets me live in that dark place I think we all have.And I have to admit I am a strong female already and Anita's inner dialouge and actions remind me of myself sometimes,minus all the lovers. lol love em love keep em coming!!!i neeed moooree!!!!!

  17. Scott Gossett says

    love anita blake discovered her while i was in prison and a friend turned me on to her story and i couldn't wait to get to the next book in the series i would love to know how laurell finds her inspiration all i can say is wow what a vivid imagination she is so graphic without pictures that is so awesome keep writing can't get enough these stories have gotten me through a tough time in my life thanks a lot

  18. Love the books and the imagination of Laurell Hamilton for years, although I am disappointed her new books are down to only one a year for either series. I hope the comic and movie talks do not distract from the writing creativity that has given us so many good books and a seat at the edge of the wonderful imagnination of laurell hamilton for all these years.

  19. I am totally confused at this point. I am a "Kenyon Minnion" and was very surprized to hear the mention of "ACHERON" in the audio I am currently listening too. Can someone tell me the connection here??

  20. Pam Pinkall says

    This was the first time I heard Ms. Hamilton speak. I loved it! She is beautiful and courageous to be so frank. Her Anita Blake novels are wonderful. I've read them all, and not yet met one that I could put down. Have her back, please.

  21. What a surprise! My criticism of her views on sex were deleted even though they were reasonable. I guess if you make a logical argument for waiting until marriage you get shut down. Wouldn't want any actual dialog on the subject that isn't liberal, would we? I should have just said Christians are stupid and ignorant for not having sex. That probably would have made it past the moderator since it is so logical and scientific. By the way, Agnitio, she is now a Wiccan which could explain her shift.

    Now let's see if this gets through.