Cover to Cover #326A: David Boop

She Murdered Me With ScienceMike Stackpole is still recovering from Dragon*Con. Oh, the tales he has to tell!

Interview: This week, we talk with David Boop, author of She Murdered Me With Science, a scifi detective pulp noir tale, set in an alternate 1953, with a disgraced scientist working as a private detective who's suddenly set on a course to solve the mystery behind the deadly accident he was blamed for.

David tells us about his scifi influences and his pulp roots, criss-crossing Flash Gordon, Doc Savage, Rex Stout, Raymond Chandler, and others in the crafting of the story's elements, and the result is an intriguing mix of the fun parts of both genres.

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  1. I am listening to the interview as I write this. Or, I should say, I am listening to Michael S. lecture the guest and the audience. How about letting the guest say what he wants to discuss as opposed to listening to MS smirk about his hotel suite?

  2. Dobie:

    The opening with MS talking about Dragoncon, and the interview were recorded seperately. During the actual interview, MS and everyone else did a great job of letting me speak and I never felt any pressure to hurry up, nor did I feel like my opinion wasn't valid. We did get off on some tangents together and could have talked for two hours easily. They are great hosts/interviewers and I can't wait until I meet them in person where we can continue or discussions, most likely over a beer.

    Dave Boop

  3. David's book sounds such fun, and great interview, too. I was a huge fan of Kenneth Robeson's Doc Savage books when I was a teenager, so I definitely want a copy of She Murdered me with Science, but getting English language books here in Bulgaria isn't that easy - I don't even know how to get a delivery from Amazon yet. I do manage to download Dragonpage regularly, though. Wouldn't miss that for the world. As they say here in Bulgaria fsitchko hubovo (all the best) to all of you. Keep up the good work.

  4. My publisher will arrange to get you a copy. Please go to our website, and click on the store link. Order the book and add coupon code 42RTHF for a 20% discount. He'll email you back with the shipping charges. You might have to figure out the dollar to lev conversion, which as of today was .73 to 1.

    If all else fails, contact me through my myspace page:

    Thanks for listening and I hope to get you a book!


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