Cover to Cover #329A: Jennifer Rardin

Bitten to DeathVoicemail: Brad from Nashville recounts an excerpt from a Stackpole novel, which leads to much amusement.

Interview: This week, Mike and Summer talk with Jennifer Rardin about Bitten To Death, the fourth in her Jaz Parks series. She tells us about how the story and characters gelled, and how she wanted to go in a different direction than most paranormal tales have gone, working more with the urban adventure rather than the strict romance.

Discussion: Mike and Mike talk about some other prep people can do with the upcoming NaNoWriMo, including using topics covered by "The Secrets".

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Link: Jennifer Rardin


  1. What a pleasure to hear a female author in the urban fantasy genre who agrees that so many books in this genre have lost focus on the plot and focused on sex and romance. I love having some passion in books, but I prefer it to be in the context of a larger plot, not the sole purpose of the plot. I have to admit I've gotten pretty fed up with the black leather clad she-warrior PI/bounty hunter, etc. It has been fun, and it has been done to death. I've also had it with books that belong in the romance section, not the sci-fi fantasy section. The CIA twist in Rardin's work is fun, and they are light, but they are action packed and have a some original elements which is more than I can say for so many in this genre. I'll keep reading them - new one in January - hurray!