Cover to Cover #365A: Marjorie M. Liu

Discussion: Sean from Edwards AFB wonders if there's a difference between editing on a computer and editing on paper, and if that affects readers and writers alike. Is lazy writing -- the shortcuts people have become accustomed to taking for text messaging and emails -- affecting the way we notice spelling and grammatical errors in print? Are more readers becoming more forgiving or accepting of such typos on the Internet and in print?

Interview: Michael and Michael chat with Marjorie M. Liu about her urban fantasy series "Hunter Kiss", and the newest book, Darkness Calls. The inspiration for the heroine, Maxine Kiss, and the world and war she lives in came from the old SciFi Channel promo featuring the tattoos coming to dinner.

Marjorie is also writing comics, and she just finished up "NYX" and is now working on "Dark Wolverine" for Marvel Comics.

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  1. WebGenii says

    Okay, I'm one of those people that is really bugged by typos and grammar errors - it takes me right out of a scene.