Cover to Cover #134: Alan Dean Foster / K. Bannerman

Alan Dean Foster
Yes, we had Alan on the show just a few short weeks ago. But this guy writes like crazy, and we never miss a chance on live in-studio interviews when we can get them. Alan's new book is Sliding Scales, continuing the Flinx and Pip series. Believe it or not... this came as a direct result of input from a fan! Yes, it seems writers actually listen to what their fans have to say!

K. Bannerman
Kim's novel (in eBook form) is The Tattooed Wolf, a strange twist on your traditional werewolf novel. It turns out the werewolf's wife (who he's in the process of divorcing) is a bigger monster than he. Great book. Joe's review of the book should be posted soon. And be sure to read how Kim relaxed during the interview!

Dragon Bites - Science fiction news

  • Batman prequel shooting now
  • Superman V scripts leaked
  • Fantastic 4 and War of the Worlds might go head to head
  • C3P0 getting all emotional...
  • John Kerry supported by Kligons?
  • The Last Starfighter: The Musical?
  • Sword fights in trailer parks. Only in Texas

Feed the Dragon
Mike takes over the feed this week, tossing interment options into the proverbial flames. Or the ocean floor encased in concrete for fun and profit. Whichever...

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