Cover to Cover #339A: Jane Lindskold

13 OrphansDiscussion: Mike, Lorrie and Mike chat about shifts in the publishing industry: changing to ebooks, the dwindling paranormal romance titles, and more.

Interview: This week, Mike and Summer talk with Jane Lindskold about her newest book, Thirteen Orphans: Breaking the Wall, a tale about the new generation of avatars, descendants of the ones exiled from the Chinese Zodiac, and their journey to discover their powers in time to save themselves from the effects of a war their ancestors thought they'd left behind...

Jane also shares with us her writing choices, especially her adamant avoidance of web surfing and most of the pitfalls associated with the online time sinks.

Discussion: Mike, Lorrie and Mike respond to Anna's voicemail comment on using dialogue tags and descriptors in writing, and the effects of email and Twitter on that particular writing ability.

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  1. Barry from Athens says

    This sounds like an interesting book. Thirteen Orphans sound more like the urban fantasy that I like. I hope to get a chance to read it soon.