Cover to Cover #371A: Jane Lindskold

Discussion: Stackpole tells us about his trip to GenCon, and we touch on the recent fascination with publishers calling serialized audio fiction "new" and saying that they are the first ones to do so.

Could the podcasters who have been doing serialized audio fiction be considered the bards of the 21st century?

Interview: Jane Lindskold joins Mike, Summer and Mike to talk about Nine Gates, the latest installment in her "Breaking the Wall" series, and the follow-up to Thirteen Orphans (listen to that interview in Cover to Cover #339A), and about shaking up the expectations of readers by not giving them another variation of the typical quest adventure.

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  1. Hey Mike and Mike--I've loved listening to Cover to Cover for two or three years now. you're great interviewers and always interesting when your just chatting--except that you've been obsessing over the changes of the digital age of publishing and the stupid dinosaurs of old school publishing over and over again. You had lots of good points and you've made each of them about ten times. It's a podcast, not a broadcast--so your fans don't miss a show. I want to keep listening, but it's getting harder and harder to stay interested. How about limiting your discussions of these issues in publishing to every 5th show, or so...then there'd be a little time for the situation to evolve before you comment again...

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