Cover to Cover #352A: David J. Williams

Discussion: Trampas asks Mike and Mike for clarification on the definition of "author", and when a person can call themselves an author, and also if there's a difference between "author" and "writer"; Naomi from NC talks about the joy of discovering new books at used book store, something that you can't enjoy with e-books.

Interview: Mike and Mike chat with David J. Williams about The Mirrored Heavens, a futuristic tale of global espionage and intrigue, including agents battling in powered armor. David talks about writing this sort of tale for a post-9/11 consciousness, with many people being conditioned to heightened states of fear and obedience; the way the different story lines in the book criss-cross, the technology of that world, the upcoming sequel The Burning Skies, and more.

The mass-market pb edition contains extra info that wasn't in the original tpb version, so check it out... and discover even more at the website,!

Discussion: The thought of bonus materials leads to asking what extras you think fans and readers would like to see included with a particular book or game. Cook books, annotated volumes, maps and more... what would you think you would or wouldn't want to see?

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!

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Link: The Mirrored Heavens
Link: The Mirrored Heavens Book Trailer


  1. Haven't listened to this episode yet, but trying my best to keep up here in Bulgaria. I have a favour to ask - and an offer to make. You are your listeners are really switched on to ebooks and readers. I am starting to offer my stuff online, but I can't test if my PDFs will work on e-readers. So, if any of your listeners are so minded, I'd be grateful for beta testers, initially for my short story, A CROW AMONG THE STARLINGS, which received an honourable mention in the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror a few years back.

    Preferably, comment on my blog.

    Thanks, folks.

  2. Re: Book trailer link;

    The URL contained a malformed video ID.

  3. Well, bummer... Dave sent a bum link! 🙂

    Link's corrected now!

  4. Okay, I'm hooked now. I found the podcast looking for David J. Williams interviews, and am now subscribed and catching up.