Cover to Cover #362A: Stephen Baxter

Discussion: The Boys are Back in Town! Well, Stackpole is back, from having been in Belgium last week for a conference called "Science Fiction Across Media: Novelizations and Adaptations" (and Summer would like to know if a book with all these papers will be collected and published).

Interview: Mike and Mike talk with Stephen Baxter about his newest book Flood, a story which explores how people and society react when the water rises higher and faster than the modern world is currently prepared to deal with.

Flood is the first in a post-apocalyptic duology, and begins with four hostages rescued from a group of religious extremists in Barcelona, who have bonded after five years in captivity, and promised to watch out for one another. The world they return to is not what they expected—it is slowly being transformed as water continues to flow from the earth’s mantle, and entire countries begin to disappear as the water rises.

The discussion ranges from the science of climate change, the limits and extremes to what can and might happen in a radical environmental shift, and exploring how people would adapt to different scenarios, and more.

The conclusion to the series, Ark, is due out in August 2009 in the UK, and likely sometime in 2010 in the US.

Discussion: Playing with the scientific possibilities when writing science fiction: how far is too far, or is there a too far when you're writing fictional doomsday scenarios?

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    I do agree with your statement that House has adapted a lot of Sherlock Holmes, but Sherlock Holmes is by no means Fantasy.