Cover to Cover #397A: L. E. Modesitt, Jr

Anna talks about her experience with the Sony Reader, and about her opinion on why she thinks the publishing industry should emulate the movie industry in including digital downloads when you purchase a hard copy of the content.

Mike M talks about his new Google Phone, and the Amazon Ereader app that he has available on it, and how it is to read a book on this device.

Mike S talks about his blog post about ebook design, and how authors wanting to self-publish ebooks can learn a few design tricks and improve the quality of the finished product.

Interview: Lee Modesitt joins us to talk about the 16th book in his Recluce series, Arms-Commander, and the world that the epic is set in.

He talks about how he grew this world after initially never intending to go beyond the first story, by taking the threads of the back story and world history that were dropped along the way and tying them together and expanding them as he wrote more and more stories in the setting.

The talk also ventures into coming up with stories to write and making them work, and the real reasons why sometimes you need to kill off a popular character in a series, and the story benefits of portraying emotional injury rather than physical injury on characters.

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