Cover to Cover #445: Jon F. Merz

The KenseiStackpole has seen a rough cut of the new Conan the Barbarian feature (since he's writing the novelization), and since he can't tell us any real details, he teases us in just telling us he'd seen it, but he likes Jason Momoa as Conan, and he likes that this movie is closer to the Robert E. Howard stories than the previous movies.

Interview: This week, our guest is Jon F. Merz, and the latest book in his Lawson Vampire series is The Kensei. Lawson is fixer in the vampire world, and his primary mission is to protect the secrecy of their existence.

Jon also talks about his newfound conversion to being an ebook proponent, his forays into writing a young adult series, and about their independent production of a pilot for "The Kensei" and plans to shop that around as a television series.

The first four books in the Lawson series are out of print, but newly available in Kindle and Nook formats, so it'll be easy for you to catch up!

Links: Jon F. Merz Official Website

Listener Feedback: Oscar from Sweden calls to thank Mike and Mike for helping his writing via The Secrets and Dragon Page, and to tell us he's been inspired to started up his own small press (Oscar! Email us your website links so we can send people your way!)

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  1. Nice Espisode guys. Loved listening to the interview... and I have to say you've got me intriqued about the possibilities of being a self published author.