Cover to Cover #455: M D Lachlan

Discussion continues on including world events in fiction, following up on the questions Brad Beaulieu answered last episode. Mike S suggests focusing more on the emotion of the characters rather than the technology and action sequences to make connections with the readers.

Interview: This week, Mike and Mike chat with MD Lachlan about the first book in his new series from Pyr Books, Wolfsangel. What happens when you take a werewolf story and combine it with Norse mythology and legends? This series is one look at how that could have happened.

M.D. also talks about his background and experiences with gaming and his thoughts on magic and science, and the limitations of Hollywood magic.

The second book, Fenrir, is due out in October 2011.

Link: M D Lachlan
Link: Pyr Books

Cover to Cover update: Don't Panic! Dragon Page Cover to Cover is taking a summer break of a sort, but there won't be any official shows coming out until after the summer.

There will be continuing book reviews, and other book news, so keep coming back!

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