Cover to Cover #458: Prepping and Planning A Story

The news about the EU's investigation into ebook price fixing allegations leads into a discussion about the "agency model" vs the "wholesale model" of book pricing, and what the agency model means to independent authors publishing their own ebooks via Amazon and Apple.

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Listener Questions: Tad from Mesa is one of the few who has an old edition of Mistress of Dragons and he's interested to see how the new version evolves, really enjoyed Stackpole's At the Queen's Command, and wants to know if there's an update on the Talion Revenant sequel ebook challenge.

Mike S stresses the importance of keeping notes, having a way to make notes and take down story ideas -- whether that's pen and paper or iPhone or iPad, and giving yourself permission to allow the first draft to not be perfect and just complete it.

They also talk about the plan to tear down and rebuild Mistress of the Dragon, and what to expect during the process.

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