Cover to Cover #45: Robert J. Sawyer

Robert J. Sawyer
Rob Sawer, possibly one of the most heavily grounded in "science" authors of science fiction we've ever talked to, joins us to discuss his latest series of books dealing with Neanderthals and Human evolution. The first book, Hominids, is out in paperback and the next book, Humans, will be out in hard cover very soon. Following quickly on their heels will be Hybrids, the conclusion (?) of the series.

From what we leaned during this interview, these books will be fascinating reads. Rob has won many awards, including both the Nebula and Hugo, for his many works, for which you can read sample chapters off his website at

The News
Bed music provided by Universalia Jane from Flagstaff AZ. This song is entitled "Walking Dream".

  • Tolkien turns 111... after his movies have made Carl-Sagan styled numbers
  • Top 10 Sci-Fi characters of all time, with Dr. Who topping the list! (And way too many Buffy mentions for Evo's taste)
    1. Doctor Who
    2. Buffy's Spike
    3. Buffy's Buffy
    4. Farscape's John Chrichton
    5. Farscape's Aerun Sun
    6. Han Solo
    7. Buffy's Willow
    8. Darth Vader
    9. Buffy's Angel
    10. Gandalf (moment of silence)
  • It's what all the thuperhero'th are wearing this theason... Darewear!
  • Peter Pan copyright in question
  • Evo's favorite Peter Pan freak of all time!
  • Why is Japanese manga allowed to continue and flourish without drawing fire from copyright lawyers?
  • Are your neighbors demons? Just shoot 'em...