Cover to Cover #49: Michael Moorcock

Michael is talking with us about his latest book, The Skrayling Tree. If you've followed Elric over the years, you might find him in an odd place, dealing with Nazi's and Native Americans! Yes, Stormbringer is still around, so old hats won't be disappointed. New readers will enjoy this book (the second in a series of three) as well.

Michael has many things in tap for the future which he shares with us on the show. He talks about his early days as a writer and some of his ideas for the future. Truly a wonderful interview that anyone who loves fantasy writing is sure to enjoy!

The News.
Bed music provided by Dean Neitman. It's called Galactic Thrush and is once again available under Creative Commons license.

  • Giant squid attacks Jules Verne boat! For real!
  • More about comic books to movies. This time Brother Voodoo and A Thousand Days. Anyone ever heard of them?
  • Daredevil comes out on Valentine's Day.
  • Scooby Doo Two in production. Oh. Goody.
  • Dark Shadows taken a bit too far...
  • Lord of the Rings: Two Towers gets top honors
  • Fiction-Wise awards announced for eBooks
  • Tremors series debut... and Mike is way too happy about this.
  • Tattooed Dad on display... after he dies.
  • Bullet-Proof Monk: The movie. DVDs are being pirated. (Did I just say Bullet Proof Monk?)
  • Jeff Goldblum could be back for JP:4... cuz he needs the money!