Cover to Cover #50: Mitchell Graham

Mitchell Graham
Mitch joins us to talk about his book, The Fifth Ring, recently released by Harper Collins. It's the first book in a trilogy and regardless of what you might think from the title, it hasn't a thing to do with any of Tolkiens works.

The Fifth Ring is Mitch's first work as a novelist, bringing in many aspects of his past as a collegiate fencer, attorney and neuropsychologist. Now that sounds like an interesting back ground that would make anyone a fantasy author! The book won the prestigious Delmont-Ross Literary Prize.

For more information on The Fifth Ring, we encourage you to see the trailer. Yes, the trailer. Mitch has teamed up with some wonderful animators and graphic designers to create a Flash-enabled trailer which is available from his website, Enjoy!

Save Farscape!
Tee Morris, author of Morevi and quickly becoming a Dragon Page regular, campaigns for your support in saving what is arguably the best original science fiction show on television today-- Farscape. Tee visited Arisia 2003 and brought back many sound clips of other folks doing their part to save the show.

The News

  • Sound bites coming out about LotR:Return of the King. Can't wait!
  • Pope chimes in on Harry Potter. Thinks it's a good thing...
  • Abracadabra! Your money is gone...
  • Daredevil - Evo gives a few comments (not as bad as we had anticipated)
  • Casting started for the latest Superman flick

Feed the Dragon!
It's our new feature, where we pick someone out of current events that's causing us grief or just generally pissing us off. Tune in to find out who it was this week!