Cover to Cover #71: Mark Tiedemann / Tee Morris

Mark Tiedemann
When Mark Tiedemann sets out to do something, he makes it big! He created an entire universe to set the Secantis Sequence in, so that he'd have plenty of material!

Unlike many other series of books, Mark takes full use of time to introduce new characters for each of his books. It's not necessary to read them in... sequence, for each book stands well on it's own. If you like aliens and humans mixed up in a galactic border dispute, then Peace and Memory, as well as the rest of the Secant Sequence, is right up your alley.

Mark is published on Meisha Merlin Publishing, and up and coming small press that is worth checking out.

Tee Morris
The self-described "guest that wouldn't leave", Tee joins us to catch up and to rant a little more about the Farscape cancellation. Tee will be coming out for CopperCon in September, and we plan on having him in the studio for a live and in-person interview.

Dragon Bites

  • 28 Days of Night of the Living Dead is a bit too much
  • Will Smith loves his Hip Hop on .mp3
  • It's Photosynthesizing Man!
  • JK to kill off Harry? Say it ain't so!
  • Tornado-Cam popular with Nat'l Geo; tornado not impressed
  • Catwoman: The Movie purring to theaters... maybe
  • Samuel L laments death in SW:EP III
  • Well, he asked for a sign from God...

Feed the Dragon
Mike gets a chance to toss a snack to our pet dragon. And if you've stayed up late enough to *cough* enjoy the new Ren & Stimpy Adult Party cartoon, then you've got to listen to this.