Cover to Cover #80: L. E. Modesitt, Jr / Tee Morris

L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
Lee has been described as writing "fantasy with rivets." That comment comes from the incredible amount of realism and attention to details not often found in fantasy literature. His latest book, Darknesses, has plenty of fantastic creatures (like sheep from hell) and a focus on politics-- something quite common to Lee's writings.

Following close on the heels is The Ethos Effect, a work of science fiction. Again, Lee doesn't skimp over the economics or social structure, making this world very plausible. Don't think these details matter? Read one of Lee's books and find out for yourself.

Tee Morris
Tee joins Mike and Evo live in the studio! Visiting for the recent CopperCon, Tee talks a bit about a new book to which he contributed called The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy. Tee wrote several chapters on the book, and anyone who is interested in writing should pick up a copy right away.

Dragon Bites

  • Mike wants to talk about Keanu quite early in the show...
  • Firefly can't make it on the small screen... let's try a movie!
  • Can't get enough Blade? No. 3 is on the way
  • Don't swing swords at cops; it's just a bad idea
  • Episode III spoilers

Feed the Dragon
The guest gets the honors this week, feeding one of his favorite topics. I can't tell you who, but his name rhymes with Forge Blue Hiss.

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