Cover to Cover #34: Alan F. Troop

Interview with Alan F. Troop
We interview Alan F. Troop, author of The Dragon Delasangre, a fantasy/horror book dealing with dragons in a contemporary setting. This book was recently nominated to the Top 10 Horror Novels by Booklist Magazine.

Too much advertising?
Michael saw the 1 hour and 10 minute season opener of "Birds of Prey", the WB series on the Batman universe. 35 minutes of show, 45 minutes of advertising. Way too much, don't you think?

The NewsBed music from Green Crown "Witch's Reel". Very hauntingly appropriate for Halloween!


  1. Joe Murphy says

    Thank you guys for playing the music from Green Crown. I went and downloaded all of it from

    Also, Evo, read your bio and I think you're right. Ishmael is a great book.