Cover to Cover #110: Joe R. Lansdale / Don Coscarelli

Joe R. Lansdale
Joe is the author of the original short story from which the movie Bubba Ho-Tep was made. No, Elvis didn't die. Yes, JFK had his brain stolen and his skin dyed black. And both of them team up to fight an evil soul-sucking mummy feeding off the elderly resident of a rest home. Strange, wild stuff.

Want more of Joe's strange stuff? Check out his latest installment of The Drive In, relased by Subterranean Press.

Don Coscarelli
Let's carry the Bubba Ho-Tep theme forward for just a bit. Best known for the cult classics Phantasm and The Beast Master, Don Coscarelli wrote the screenplay and directed the film. He's cast Bruce Campbell as Elvis and Ossie Davis as JFK. If you can't catch the movie in theaters, buy it on DVD in just a few weeks!

Feed the Dragon - What's new in science fiction

  • One shallow ocean for Mars, one free giant shrimp for all mankind
  • Money talks and critism walks for Apollo
  • Hellboy DVD will be packed
  • Jack Black cast in King Kong tribute
  • Enterprise gets a new lease on life
  • Asteroid record safe after 25 year old circuit board calls it quits
  • Dartmouth rowing team attacked by vicious creature resembling... an otter

Feed the Dragon
Evo was going to feed the lady who is suing to keep 12 monkeys in her house. But since Mike can't get the time change figured out...

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