Cover to Cover #137: Welles on Wells / Peter Straub

In the Night RoomWelles on Wells
As a special treat for Halloween, we present an conversation between Orson Welles and H.G. Wells, courtesy of Alan Dean Foster. Some of you may recall it was 66 years ago that the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells scared the pants off everyone. Enjoy this look into the past!

Peter Straub
Sticking with the horror theme, Peter talks about his new novel In the Night Room. Peter has been classified as a horror writer and is comfortable with the lable, but we put him more in the "theater of the mind" realm. Angry angels, alternate realities... it's jut hard to classify. But it's a great read. Be sure and check out Peter's website for a special treat.

Dragon Bites - Science fiction news

  • He-Man in another live action film. The line ups start tomorrow.
  • Marvel to help produce Fantastic 4 animated series
  • Enterprise struggles, so they go back to the well
  • Woody vs. Chicken Little
  • More MEG movie mumblings
  • Canadian controversy concerning consumptive characture of Bigfoot

Feed the Dragon
Evo decides to piss off the Brits since he pissed off the Candians. They've got spider issues AND they talk funny.

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