Cover to Cover #162: Michael A. Stackpole / Dennis L. McKiernan

A Secret AtlasShow Notes
A Secret Atlas by Michael A. Stackpole
Once Upon A Summer Day by Dennis L. McKiernan

Interviews with Michael A. Stackpole (A Secret Atlas), and Dennis L. McKiernan (Once Upon A Summer Day)

Also Scott Sigler tells us about his podiobook that we are digging called EarthCore

Dragon Bites

Random SF/F news
-Lucas gives Spielberg a shot on EP III.
-People lining up for Star Wars - but the wrong theater.
-Sin City getting fire for being unfair to women.
-Russell Crowe up for TV News anchor.
-Fire Breather up for Movie - (I've heard this story before)
-Drilling to the Moho
-Shatner's hoax aired with little fanfare.

Feed The Dragon
So, if you feel really, really, bad about what you're doing - why do it?