Cover to Cover #164: Kage Baker / Wil Radcliffe

The Life of the World to ComeShow Notes
The Life of The World to Come by Kage Baker.
Noggle Stones by Wil Radcliffe.

Dragon Bites

Random SF/F news
-Revenge of the Brick? Created by Lucas.
-More Grudge on the way. (Michael is so happy!)
-Disney drops Meg, New Line picks up the bait.
-New Land of the Lost on the way.
-New spin on Teen Wolf coming to the big screen.
-The Science of Popcorn. Demand the best at your theater.
-Lucy Liu will Rise.
-Jeff the Demon? Sounds a lot like Weird Science.
-Toads are exploding... No, really!

Feed The Dragon
Evo is not sure about a company taking your money so you can talk to E.T.