Cover to Cover #181: Karl Schroeder / Bruce Taylor

Lady of MazesJoining us on the phone this week, Karl Schroeder tells us about his latest book Lady of Mazes. Exploring the world of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is what this book delves into.

More from WesterCon 58. This time we bring you Bruce Taylor and his new book Kafka's Uncle & Other strange Tales. The book is due out soon, and Bruce tells us what to expect. Bruce was on the show a while back with his book The Final Trick of the Funny Man, which you can pick up to tide you over till it comes out.

This week we forego the Library Segment so Scott Sigler, (Earthcore) can tell us about his next book that will make it to Podiobook. Don't miss it!

This week Michael, Joe & Summer are ready to give the feeding, when Evo turns the tables on them!


  1. Hey guys, it doesn't look like this CtoC is in the mondo feed. Its in the CtoC feed, though...

  2. We're working on it...

  3. Elena Roberts says

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