Cover to Cover #183: Kate Wilhelm / Gregory B. Banks

StorytellerShow Notes
Story Teller by Kate Wilhelm.
Phoenix Tales: Stories of Death & Life by Gregory B. Banks.

On the phone this week is Kate Wilhelm telling us about her book Storyteller: 30 years of the Clarion Writers' Workshop. Great stories of what it is like to be part of this prestigious writing college. Not to mention the squirt guns. (You have to listen now.)

We then talk to Gregory B. Banks about his book Phoenix Tales: Stories of Death & Life. The book was reviewed by our own Joe Murphy and because of the glowing report, we had to get him on.

This week we again forego the Library Segment so Evo can talk with Daniel Emery of Brief Glimpses of Somewhere Else Podcast. It was the only way that they could tell you about a remarkable book called The Traveler.

This week we have a special guest in the studio to offer up the feeding. Tune in to find out who shows up.


  1. Hey gang!
    Do we have confirmation yet that the option for the movie rights of The Traveler was already purchased? So far, I've just hear rumors...

    Also thanks for posting the link to my podcast. For anyone that prefers to read instead of listen you can check out my fiction blog at:
    Take it easy!

  2. Did I read the same book as you guys? I thought The Traveler was silly. I was expecting some conspiracy theory laden comment on a society under siege and under surveillance. What I got was... a really poorly written, very American, watered down kung fu made for tv version of Mage: The Ascension.

    Also, I find it hard to believe that this "mystery" writer isn't just a guy with a fairly interesting story who had a good idea for some publicity. The idea of emailing and satellite phoning his draft to the publisher seems a little off. Because all of us who write and try to get published know it's really easy to get your first novel to an editor and they are willing to jump through all kinds of hoops for an unpublished writer.

    Yeah and the editor just happens to be Dan Brown's editor, but I'm sure that it isn't a publicity stunt.

    Just my opinion, though. Sorry if that sounded bitter... that book just got me in a bad mood.

    Keep up the good work guys.