Cover to Cover #214: George Zebrowski

Macrolife by George ZebrowskiThis week we kick things off by telling you about Silent Universe, a podcast that is doing something new and exciting.

Do you have an extra $500 laying around? Then buy the worlds most expensive book. If you buy a copy of Tom Corven the author is giving you something extra for your investment.

Special Notice: Not only is the book you're going to hear about on the show good, but you simply must buy a copy of The Carpet Makers by Andreas Eschbach. He read it in 4 hours and highly recommends the book!

Next up, George Zebrowski talks about Macrolife. If you remember, this was the book that Evo said would "change your life." We now get the man on to tell us more about this amazing look at life, the universe and the future. (Like, end of the world, future.) Tune in and listen, you'll be glad you did.

Our library was full this week. We'll tell you about the titles that made it into the studio


  1. Karen from Kalifornia says

    How did I miss this one? Macrolife sounds thought-provoking, and certainly will mesh well with BSG 2.0 right now.
    And no insult intended, if I had an extra $500 lying around, I could think of a couple of guys I'd give it to first.

  2. MadMexMario says

    Guys, you forgot to include the links to "The Carpetmakers" and "Light". I really wish I had more time to read... Any chance they are available as ebooks?

  3. All fixed up, MMM. Thanks for the reminder! My fault for not writing it down.

  4. I just listened today on my way home. Great interview I was sorry to see it end. I could of listened to that conversation for longer. So I stopped at the library and took out Macrolife. It sounds very interesting.

    As always after listening to this show my list of books to read has increased again. So little time.....

  5. Guys, I know - german names are hard to pronounce sometimes. But Eschbach should sound like Ash-bech or so - not what I have heard.
    And you liked that book, well there a lot more - I don't know if they are going to be translated soon - but if you buy "Die Haarteppichkn? - well...
    Ad Astra