Cover to Cover #216: Dave Duncan

Children of ChaosThis week we have an Interview with Dave Duncan who tells us about, Children of Chaos-Book One of "The Dodec Books". This Scifi Essentials book tells the story of a strange dodecahedral world. Complex magic systems, and deep world building is the norm for this amazing author. Be sure to tune in and learn all about the man.

Also on the Show:

  • The Dragon Page is now just The Dragon Page.
  • Scott Garribay releases his "blook": Gamer's Gate
  • Evo has read another story for Escape Pod.
  • We will do a Podcasting track at Dragon Con.
  • Michael tells us about The Parsec Award.
  • As usual, we have a few books in our library to tell you about.


  1. Oddly, I just listened to Escape Pod before Cover to Cover. Loved the story (kudos to the author). The casting of Evo to read was also inspired.

    Of course, with a few hundred hours of listening to Evo over the past few months via the various podcasts - he seems to fit very well into the story given the characters.. motivations.

    Great interview as always. Dave Duncan's novel is something I'll be checking into shortly.

  2. I also listened to the Escape Pod before Cover to Cover and agree Evo's voice was perfect for that character.

    Dave Duncans book sounds great, I will check it out at my library- The possible other worlds he spoke of sound like books I would love to read too.

  3. Ya just gotta love us geologists! 😀

  4. Well, everyone knows, Kurt. Geologists Rock.

    *ducks and runs*