Cover to Cover #252: Glenn Yeffeth

So Say We All
Finding Serenity

Michael and Michael explain the recent delays, and Michael A. gives the lowdown on his participation as an instructor at the ASU Writers Conference.

Voicemail: The Michaels answer a question on writing battle scenes, and wonders when the next episode of The Secrets will appear; Judy lets Michael R. know that she's still writing, and still reading one of his books.

Interview: Mike Stackpole and Summer talk with Glenn Yeffeth of BenBella Books, and creator of the intriguing and entertaining Smart Pop Books collection. Glenn tells us how their pop culture series got it's start, and how the interests of the fans and their passion for the topics they love guide BenBella's choices of topics to publish a collection about. He also tells about how they find contributors to their varied collections, and how future technologies affect publishing and communications, and the working the international markets for certain fandoms.

Next up are more scientific collections, including "The Psychology of The Simpsons", the upcoming "The Psychology of Harry Potter", "The Psychology of Joss Whedon", and a brand new "The Science Of" series, beginning with "The Science of Dune" and "The Science of Michael Crichton".

The Library: New entries to the Library this week are Stealth Planet by Ray Blackhall, Cygnet by Patricia McKillip, Every Inch A King by Harry Turtledove, Un Lun Dun by China Mieville, Mainspring by Jay Lake, Slan Hunter by A. E. Van Vogt and Kevin J. Anderson, Darkness of the Light by Peter David, The Alchemist's Apprentice by Dave Duncan, and Weavers of War by David B. Coe.

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Link: Smart Pop Books
Link: BenBella Books


  1. Lou Sytsma(Sit sma) says

    Good stuff again, guys.

    The interview was much interesting than I thought it would be. Nice job.

    By coincidence I just picked up the Boarding the Enterprise book. Great line up of writers in it. For any original Star Trek fans I highly recommend it.