Cover to Cover #287A: Jennifer Estep

Hot MamaVoicemail: Michael, Summer and Brian respond to some feedback this time around, and the discussion veers again towards where certain authors belong on the foothills of the genre gods.

Interview: Jennifer Estep joins us to talk about her Bigtime Superhero series, which began with "Karma Girl", and continues with the new release, "Hot Mama". She tells us about what inspired the stories in the series, her superheros and supervillians, and the city they live and battle in, and the relationships there to be explored. Jennifer also gives us a glimpse into some upcoming works set in other worlds, and the preparation for the third Bigtime book, "Jinx".

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  1. well, i can honestly say this might never be something i pick up...but i think her niche is interesting and not yet used. I know enough comic book fangirls that i think she is going to have success with her series.