Cover to Cover #301A: Leslie Davis

Keeper's ChildThe writing talk touches on how the characters tend to reflect the writers, in terms of aging, experiences, and life situations, and the differences between reading about certain experiences and actually living through them.

Gather 'round the hearth and be regaled by the stories from the "old" guys.

Interview: First time author Leslie Davis tells us how her college thesis became a work of science fiction, Keeper's Child. She tells us about the beginnings of the story, with it being initially written when environmental concerns weren't in the forefront of the media at the time she wrote it, and being the thesis work written by the lone geek in her MFA program.

We also talk about her experiences as a new author, the expectations and surprises along the road to getting her first book published, and working on that second book to keep the flow going.

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The Library: New this week: Snake Agent and Demon in the City by Liz Williams; Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews; The Player of Games and Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks; Mad Kestrel by Misty Massey; Space Vulture by Gary K. Wolf and Archbishop John J. Myers.

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  1. 'Look to Windward' is not what I'd consider the best Culture book or even a good introduction to the universe. 'Consider Phlebas' and 'The Player of Games' are much better works to start with. Which then eases you into his best Culture novel 'Use of Weapons'. So I think Orbit's re-release of those two books is a particularly smart move on their part and I hope it works for me. Iain is a great author that more should be reading...

  2. Works for *them*.

    Feh, one day I'll learn to proof read properly.

  3. "Use of Weapons" is the other one I was told to get, and I haven't found that one yet either.

    And I guess I'll be adopting that copy of "Consider Phlebas" 🙂

  4. michael gamble says

    you rock

  5. "Use of Weapons" is phenomenal. Use whatever weapons you have to hand to get a copy of it.