Cover to Cover #361A: Dr Michio Kaku

Discussion: Doc from Des Moines reports his dissatisfaction with a book that he'd purchased, where the advertising did not match the description of the book nor what he'd read in the first chapter. Is that intentionally deceptive advertising, or just the result of bad or poorly misunderstood information about the book?

Interview: Mike, Brian and Mike talk with Dr Michio Kaku, world-renowned theoretical physicist, about his book Physics of the Impossible, which examines the technologies of science fiction that don't exist today, and differentiates between which ones can exist today, which ones could exist with large technological and scientific advances, and which ones are truly impossible because they violate known laws of physics.

Want to have fun arguing about the impossible ones? Pick up this book and bring up the topics with your geek friends!

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  1. the lows says

    Great interview, and having worked in marketing for many years; I can tell you we have no souls to speak of.