Cover to Cover #409A: Brandon Sanderson

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Listener Feedback: Father Beast comments on the reuse of public domain characters in modern stories without compensation or other considerations; Jordan from Baltimore wants to hear some interviews from web comics creators since they currently have a successful model; Chad from Mesa is using an iPod Touch as an e-reader and loves it as an all-around device; Trampas weighs in on the idea of allowing a property going into public domain if an author's estate doesn't use in within 20 years; Will the Computer Guy thinks Trampas should finish reading the Sword of Truth series despite the TV series going in a different direction; Tim wants Stackpole to elaborate on his trips to the Renaissance Fair, and if he uses any of that info as research

Interview: Brandon Sanderson joins us this week with much to talk about! He tells us about working on finishing The Wheel of Time series, and having to look at the story in a different light from when he was a fan reading the stories.

Brandon also talks about the Writing Excuses podcast, about some of his own projects that will be coming along soon, and the evolution of his own writing ever since his first book was published.

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  1. After listening to Brandon and the guys talking writing every week in Writing Excuses, it was good to hear Brandon talk more about his own work, especially his experiences of working on a series that he started reading as a kid. I completely understood the way he described certain passages evoking strong memories. I have the same thing with Dune. Once again Mike Stackpole asked some insightful questions, it's so good having a writer of his experience interviewing other authours.