Cover to Cover #415A: Tracy Hickman

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Tim Low cannot find short story magazines, and Mike S suggests that someone start up a genre short story hub; Mark in St Petersburg would like to hear a segment on best bargains available on a weekly or monthly basis; Dan Dan thanks the guys for their suggestions about how to get his first novels out there

Possible sites to check out for fiction: Community, Suvudu, Baen Free Library and Baen's Webscription Ebooks

If you know of any more sites, let us know!

Interview: Tracy Hickman joins Mike and Mike this week to talk about his many varied projects. His most recent book is Song of the Dragon, the first in a new trilogy, "The Annals of Drakis", being published by Daw Books.

Tracy also talks about his new Dragon's Bard project, an online publishing venture into serialized and subscription-supported fiction. "Dragon’s Bard" is a limited subscription book series written by Tracy and Laura, where fans and readers will subscribe to the book as it is being written, financing its production.

Those supporters will receive an electronic version of the chapters each week, as they are written, and then receive a hardcover, signed and numbered limited edition of the completed book at the end of the process.

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Link: Dragon's Fire, Wizard's Flame by Michael R. Mennenga


  1. I was in much the same boat as Tim a while back, I was looking for short story type things to read on a newly purchased electronic device which shall remain nameless...

    I found several places by going to the SFWA website and checking out what publications qualify for membership.

  2. If you have a Kindle (or even download Kindle 4 PC), check out the Amazon Kindle forums where they post reads at bargain prices and for free each week.

    There's also the MobileRead forums for book sales, freebies and resources for finding bargains around the web.

  3. Oops! The previous post is an addendum for the caller looking for story bargains online. Those resources (plus Suvudu's library) have helped me a lot. 🙂

  4. Speaking of Tim and reading, I wonder what he thought of my book. Or for that matter if he ever got it. He won an autographed copy during the Boom Effect auction, and I never got a confirmation that it arrived.

  5. Ok, the nook justifies a little better now then when Robert Sawyer looked at:
    But I've noticed ebooks are scanned in from the printed page which is already justified, then the words are re-wrapped and justified again, but not as well. That's why you see extra spaces and hyphens here and there.

  6. Hey Arkle,
    Yep we got it here and both Dad and Jenny loved it. Dad is sorry he has not gotten back to you on it. He has been working every night from 4pm to 3am at his job. That's EVERY night. So he mostly works, sleeps, and repeats. It is the last book he has read, and also his working so much is why you guys don't hear him calling in to shows so much.


  7. We really loved the interview with Mr. Hickman, but I think you guys need to come here to Missouri. Seriously.
    I would like to disagree that people aren't going to bookstores anymore. With utmost respect to everyone, ummmm' yes we do! I love bookstores! Anytime we go out to a mall, or anywhere near one I have to go inside. It is the first place I will head for and I won't come out for hours. Sure we order some on Amazon during the holidays, but mostly it's from the stores themselves. There is just something about having a book, holding it in your hand, the smell of it. It is just like you were saying, you are holding a piece of art in your hand.
    And I am not alone. The Borders, Barnes and Noble and Books a millions stores are always crowed. Come on a weekend, and you will be standing in line at the check out.

    If I may, I think you guys get too caught up in the numbers and money. (Again I mean no disrespect here at all. I want you guys to get all the money you deserve. After all, a book is a part of your life that you are sharing with the rest of us.)

    But I got a little homework assignment for you. Next time you are out, take a half hour. Go into a bookstore with a cafe, get a muffin and some coffee and sit and watch people. Look for the people who will pick up a book, flip though it, hold it close, and maybe even caress it before they head to a check out with it. THAT is who you are writing for, those are us book lovers. We are the ones that will keep coming back.

    I think maybe with looking at just sales numbers and stuff, you guys have lost sight of that?

    Just my own thoughts here, I hope I didn't upset anyone by saying that. You know I love you guys. And Mr Hickman, thank you so much for all you work. I am just getting into your books and I wanted to thank you for opening up a whole new world for me. I wish you and your family all the best, and best of luck where ever your pen takes you.